Enrique Vilanova

Enrique Vilanova has a diverse background encompassing both research and entrepreneurship. Currently serving as a Research Engineer at the Institut de Ciència de Materials de Barcelona, his focus is on a project aimed at detecting dark matter through the utilization of cryogenic sensors and single photon detection, with a particular emphasis on optimizing materials.

In the past, Enrique Vilanova has held several positions, including serving as CEO of a training company and CTO of two start-ups specializing in nanotechnology, SONATE (Saudi Arabia) and NANOPEC (USA). In these roles, he was responsible for leading research teams and played a key role in the design and preparation of experimental and mass-produced nano-self-arranged membranes for various biological applications.

Moreover, Enrique's experience includes a three-year tenure as a postdoctoral researcher, during which he delved into the study of nanotechnology and its applications in cancer treatment and data storage (race-track memories). His academic background includes a PhD in Physics in Condensed Matter from the Johannes Gutenberg Universität in Germany