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1st Scientific Meeting of ICMAB Students
May 25th 2011


We thought that sharing the work done by our fellow PhD students would be a good idea; we thought that it would be better still if this work was presented by the students themselves. This is the reason why ICMAB students have decided to organise a day of conferences, where the students will present their own work. The response to this proposal by the whole institute has been overwhelmingly enthusiastic so much so that the organization has had to set a limit to the number of possible contributors and a time-limit for each presentation. For this reason we are proud to present the “1st Scientific Day of ICMAB PhD Students”! The objective of this event is to share with a wider public the work done by the ICMAB students, while giving the students the opportunity to present their work. For this reason the event and its programme have been organised by the students alone.Despite the event being focused on networking between students, we want it to be more than just that, we also see it as a window for the public into the basic research activity performed at our institute. That is why the “1st Scientific Day of ICMAB PhD Students" is also open to ICMAB staff and the scientific community at large. Due to limited seating you will need to register to participate (free of charge).


9:45 AM Xavier Obradors Opening 
 Albert Queraltó 
10:00 AM Jone Zabaleta Self-assembled solution-derived oxides. Growth and characterization.
10:12 AM Luis Garzón Electrical conductivity maps in graphene-silicon nitride composites using conducting scanning force microscopy
10:24 AM Carmen Marcus Ge nanostructures growth by molecular beam epitaxy
 Nina Carretero 
10:36 AM Elisa Carenza Anionic magnetic nanoparticles for cell tracking
10:48 AM Ignasi Fina Magnetic control of ferroelectric order in YMnO3 thin films
11:00 AM Breakfast
 Nerea Murillo 
11:30 AM Otto E. González Materials Simulations, a virtual lab
11:42 AM Javi  Moral Electrodeposition of Conductive Polymers Containing Aminoacids and Surfactants: Electrochemical and Biological Applications
 Elena Rojas 
11:54 AM Ariadna Pepiol Development of a highly radiopaque vertebroplasty cement using tetraiodinated o-carborane as a contrast additive
12:06 PM Jordi Andreu Langevin Dynamics Simulations of Superparamagnetic Nanoparticles under Magnetic fields
12:18 PM Josh  Malowney Using Sketchup for 3D Animations
 Ignasi Fina 
12:30 PM Ingrid Cabrera Preparation of nanovesicles with potential applications in drug delivery using compressed fluids
12:42 PM Nina Carretero  Electrodeposition of iridium oxide and carbon nanotubes composite
12:54 PM Luis Peña Electronic transport properties in tunnel junction with manganite thin films
Otto E. González
1:06 PM Markos Paradinas Influence of the supramolecular arrangement of Biphenyl-Alkanethiols on the electronic substrate properties
1:18 PM Nerea Murillo Drug loaded magnetic silica nanospheres
1:30 PM Victor Rouco Transport measurements in Superconductor - Ferromagnet hybrids
1:42 PM Lunch
 Markos Paradinas 
3:00 PM Malte Schmidt Polymers and polymer blends at high pressures in a diamond anvil cell
3:12 PM Màrius T. Schüler On the search of a suitable platform for sequential hetero polyelectroactive tuning
3:24 PM Oscar Gil Microstructural characterization of Mo-based bilayers for radiation detectors
 Màrius T. Schüler 
3:36 PM Wojciech Saletra Scanning Tunneling Microscopy Study of a Chiral Amphiphile at a Solid-liquid Interface
3:48 PM Judith Guasch Multifunctional Molecular Materials based on Donor-acceptor systems


Coordinator: Ignasi Fina  ORGANISING COMMITTEE: Otto E. González, Albert Queraltó, Nerea Murillo, Nina Carretero, Màrius Tarres, Elena Rojas, Markos Paradinas i Màrius Tarrés Schüler.  ICMAB commission of seminars: Lourdes Fàbrega, Gerard Tobias, Rosario Nuñez, Ignasi Fina, Montse Salas i Eva Perez


Address:Institut de Ciència de Materials de BarcelonaConsejo Superior de Investigaciones CientíficasCampus de la Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona08193 Bellaterra, Catalunya, Espanya


Ignasi Fina This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.