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7th Scientific Meeting of Phd Students at UAB campus Bellaterra, June 7-9, 2023


Starting from a small gathering of the PhD students of ICMAB in 2011, JPhD scientific meeting of Barcelona Nanocluster-Bellaterra (BNC-b) that incorporates ICMAB, ICN2, IMB-CNM and UAB has emerged as an outstanding platform for networking and scientific communication over the last 12 years

It is a great pleasure to announce the upcoming edition of this conference, the 7th scientific meeting of PhD students of BNC-b, JPhD 2023. JPhD2023 is aimed to exchange knowledge about scientific research from different fields, share research works and communicate among the PhD students of the BNC- b in an academic and scientific environment. The meeting will integrate the entire UAB research framework and open to other institutes and universities as well. The conference will be a 2-day long in person event framed with oral presentations, poster sessions, workshops, and interesting scientific plenary talks regarding current scientific issues given by established researchers in their own fields.

We invite all the PhD researchers to the JPhD2023 to use this opportunity for fostering collaboration and exchange scientific ideas with some new friends that you may make during this meeting.



  • ALBA Synchrotron visit. DATE: 9 June 2023 during the morning
  • ROUNDTABLE 1. Planning your career. Hosted by Alejandro Gomez
  • ROUNDTABLE 2. And now what, Industry or Academic?


  • Lucia Aballe, Project manager at ALBA synchrotron
  • Jordi Arbiol, ICREA Research Professor
  • Maria Bernechea Navarro, Senior Researcher (ARAID)
  • Elisabetta Dimaggio, Assistant Professor at University of Pisa
  • Alejandro Gómez, Senior Researcher, ICN2
  • Adriana R. Kyvik, SeaTO and Co-Founder at B'ZEOS
  • Anna Laromaine, Tenured Researcher at ICMAB
  • Enrique Vilanova, Project Researcher at ICMAB-CSIC


Sala d'Actes ICMAB for all sessions except the poster session will take place at ICMAB Terrace


JPhD Coordinator
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