Dr. Xavier Borrisé


Dr. Xavier Borrisé is in charge of the Nanolithography Laboratory at the Clean-Room of the IMB-CNM-CSIC.

Dr. Borrisé graduated in Physics and later gained a Ph.D in Electronics Engineering from the Universitat Autònoma of Barcelona. After 5 years as a Ramon y Cajal Researcher at the IMB-CNM-CSIC in the group of Nanofabrication headed by Francesc Pérez-Murano, he joined the ICN in 2007 in order to start up the nanolithography facilities within the CNM clean-room.

His main research activites and achievements are in the Top-Down approximation to Nanothecnology, Nanofabrication and Nanolithography with over 60 publications. Dr. Borrisé developed the first SNOM in Spain during his Ph.D, he is working since many years on the development of nanomechanical devices for mass sensing by using different nanolithography techniques (EBL, NIL, FIB). He is also working in developing nanolitho techniques for nanolectrodes and sensors devoted to different sensing areas as DNA sensing or protein detection.