ALBA Synchrotron

Dr. Montse Pont

Dr. Montse Pont is coordinator of operating activities at the ALBA Synchrotron and a member of the management board. She earned her PhD in Physics in 1990 at Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona and KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm.

She received one of the first postdoctoral fellowships for the design of the Spanish synchrotron light source in 1994. Before the formal approval of that project, she moved to Karlsruhe, in Germany, to participate in the design and construction of the ANKA light source. In 2004 she moved back to Barcelona to join the ALBA Synchrotron. She has been the head of accelerator operations during eight years and last year she joined the ALBA management as coordinator of the operating activities.


ALBA II, the upgrade project of the ALBA Synchrotron

ALBA is a 3.0 GeV third generation synchrotron light source that started operation in 2012 with 7 beamlines. Today, ALBA is operating 8 beamlines, there are 2 under commissioning and 3 additional ones under construction. With 5000h of operation per year, ALBA serves a consolidated user community and it is well established in its field. Now it is the right time to consider the long-term future of ALBA. Latest developments in the field of the so-called Diffraction Limited Storage Rings offer the opportunity to exploit much brighter photon beams and an increased coherence over a large energy range. The gains will offer important new scientific opportunities in a wide range of science of particular importance to address the challenges of our society. In the talk after reviewing the milestones of ALBA, the upgrade project ALBA II will be presented.